Welcome to our institution’s versatile meeting hall and seminar halls, meticulously designed for academics, professional and innovation needs. Our meeting hall with flexible layout and furniture arrangements to suit for diverse meeting formats, facilitating brainstorming sessions, board meetings and collaborative discussions, equipped with essential presentation tools, internet connectivity offers a professional yet comfortable ambiance conducive to productive discussions. The state-of-the-art college main seminar hall is a hub for academic, cultural, and professional discourse, which is centrally located within our institution, providing ease of access for both internal and external attendees, with configurable seating arrangements to accommodate varying audience sizes, providing flexibility for academics, professional and cultural events, equipped with audio-visual systems, high quality sound equipment’s and large projection screens. In addition, our five departments have their own dedicated seminar halls, tailored to suit the requirements of each department equipped with necessary technological and subject-specific resources enabling focused and enriching academic discussions and interactive learning experiences. These halls are conducive to departmental seminars, projects, workshops and focused academic gatherings.

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