SNGCET Alumni Association

SNGCET Alumni Association Payyanur (SNAAP) inaugurated on 4th November 2019 in the esteemed presence of The Honourable Secretary Sree Bakthi Samvardhini Yogam Mr. K. P. Pavithran, Dr.V.K.Janardhanan, Principal SNGCET Lt. Col. Preveen C Administrative Officer, Alumni and Faculty members of SNGCET by Mr. Sajesh Krishnan an alumnus of SNGCET, Kerala's first blade runner and Amputee International Football player.

The SNGCET Alumni Association Payyanur (SNAAP) stands as a vibrant and integral part of the Sreenarayana Guru College of Engineering and Technology (SNGCET) community. Dedicated to fostering a sense of camaraderie and connection among the alumni, SNAAP serves as a platform for graduates to come together, share experiences, and contribute to the continued success of their alma mater. With a mission to create lasting bonds and provide meaningful support, SNAAP engages in a range of activities, including annual alumni meets, industry conclaves, and career development workshops. This association is not merely a network but a close-knit community where members collaborate, mentor, and inspire one another. Through its initiatives, SNAAP aims to empower its alumni, facilitate professional growth, and strengthen the ties that bind graduates of SNGCET, fostering a dynamic ecosystem that reflects the spirit of excellence instilled by the institution.


The mission of the SNAAP is to promote the interest and welfare of SNGCET alumni, to improve their level of communication and build a positive relationship between the alumni and their alma mater. To build a strong intellectual and emotional worldwide network between SNGCET and SNGCETians. SNAAP aims at voluntary commitments, goodwill, improving industry-academic collaboration, mentoring and leadership from its alumni.

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