Drug Abuse Preventive Cell

The menace of drug abuse has profound social, economic and health implications for communities worldwide. Addressing this issue requires a multidimensional approach. One effective strategy is the formation of a Drug Abuse Prevention Cell, a body dedicated to combatting drug abuse and its associated challenges.

Drug Abuse Prevention Cell are to organize awareness programs in the college and hostels with the help of government authorized agencies or organizations and also maintain necessary warning sign boards against the use of drugs. The cell plays an important role by educating the students about the ill- effects of drugs and alcohol and encouraging peer policing among students against the use of drugs. Organizing awareness campaigns, workshops and seminars can foster a sense of responsibility among students to prevent substance abuse. By focusing on prevention, the cell contributes to a healthier society with lower rates of substance abuse, resulting in improved overall well-being and social harmony.

A Drug Abuse Prevention Cell serves as a central hub for designing, implementing, and monitoring strategies aimed at preventing drug abuse and related issues. Its importance lies in its ability to pool resources, expertise and community engagement to tackle the multifaceted challenges of drug misuse.

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