Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is established in the college to monitor the academic performance and to work towards excellence. The aim of the IQAC is to assure and maintain the academic activities of the college. It achieves quality through incessant improvement with coordination of all stake holders. The IQAC also reviews the academic performance and presents the details to the University Audit team.

Primary Aim

  • To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.
  • To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices.


  • IQAC takes a lead role in undertaking academic audit in every semester and gives feedback with the purpose of devising quality enrichment programmes.
  • It facilitates the creation of an environment conducive for quality education.
  • It documents the various programmes/activities leading to quality improvement.


The IQAC Cell has the following members

1 Dr. Leena. A.V Principal Chairperson
2 Ms. MarySonia George HOD CE Coordinator
3 Sri. CC Mohanan Director, SBSY Member/Management Representative
4 Dr. Susan Abraham Dean UG&PG Member
5 Ms. Leena Narayanan HOD ECE Member
6 Mr. Abhirosh K AP S & H Member
7 Ms. Saritha Sasindran AP CE Member
8 Mr. Jacob Thomas HOD ME Member
9 Ms. Veena K K AP CSE Member
10 Mr. Jayadeep Asst. Engineer, Kerala PWD Member/industry
11 Prof. T. Divakaran Member/Professional body
12 Sri Suresh Babu K V Member/Local body
13 Ms. Aswathi P l S6 CSE Student Member
14 Mr. Sunder V HOD CSE Member/Alumni
15 Ms. Prabha Chandran Convenor AP EEE Convenor

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