• To prepare students to excel in Computer Science and Engineering programme through quality education enabling them to succeed in computing industry profession.
  • To provide students with core competencies by strengthening their mathematical, scientific and basic engineering fundamentals.
  • To design & develop novel products and innovative solutions for real life problems in Computer Science & Engineering field and related domains by broad based knowledge.
  • To inculcate professionalism among students by providing technical, entrepreneurial skills and soft skills with ethical standards.
  • To encourage students for higher studies by adapting to new technologies through interactive quality teaching and organizing symposiums, conferences, seminars, workshops and technical discussions.

  • Computer Science Specific Skills: The ability to identify, analyze and design solutions for complex engineering problems in multidisciplinary areas by understanding the core principles and concepts of computer science.
  • Programming and Software Development Skills: The ability to acquire programming efficiency by designing algorithms and applying standard practices in software project development to deliver quality software products.

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