• To prepare students to excel and succeed in Civil Engineering profession through quality education.
  • To provide students with a robust foundation in mathematics, basic sciences and engineering required to solve real life problems as well as also to pursue higher studies and research.
  • To enable students to comprehend, design, analyze and create sustainable infrastructure through state of the art tools and technologies.
  • To inculcate professionalism, ethics, communication skills, teamwork, multi-disciplinary approach and ability to relate civil engineering with socio economic dynamics for overall development of students.
  • To empower the students through intellectually inspiring academic environment to become successful engineers, scientists, technocrats, administrators or entrepreneurs.

  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge in the analysis, design, experimental research and construction aspects of civil engineering structures.
  • Apply the concept of sustainability in various fields of civil engineering like construction technology, transportation engineering, soil conservation, water resource engineering and waste management.

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